Makita Mac2400 Reviews

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Makita Mac2400 ReviewsMakita Mac2400 reviews must include the useful features of this particular air compressor. It is a solid machine that blows away the competition. This unit is made for a jobsite that requires high performance. This air compressor’s Big Bore engineered cylinder and piston provides loads of power. It delivers industrial power at the fingertips.

Makita is known for its production of high quality industrial power tools. They design compact and energy efficient products that always are packed with top innovation. It may be difficult to buy American made, but this company makes it easy. Here is a closer look at one of the most thorough air compressor possible.


Max Tank Pressure

Maximum tank pressure should be one of the first things discussed here. This air compressor has a twin stacked tank that operates at a max pressure of 130 PSI.

Air Delivery

An important thing to include in reviews is the air delivery system. CTM performance is directly related to how much air is delivered under a certain pressure. This unit provides 40 PSI at 4.8 CFM and 90 PSI at 4.2 CFM.




This air compressor is powered by a 2.5 horsepower motor. When purchasing an air compressor, it is essential to read Makita Mac2400 reviews to uncover how strong the motor will be. This motor is designed to have high compression, fast recovery, and quiet operation.

Tank Size

This unit has a 4.2 gallon air tank. This means that it will be able to go a decent amount of time in between running.


The pump is another useful item to discuss in here. This unit is a Bog Bore design that has a cast iron cylinder. This construction is made to be extremely durable, even when it it is used at a rough jobsite. It is also an oil lubricated pump, which makes it very efficient.

Power Source

Makita Mac2400 reviews must explain what source of power is used. It runs on electricity, so no toxic fumes are produced. This means that it can be used anywhere.


Sound Level

When a person reads this reviews, it may be interesting to note the noise level that is produced. For its size, this air compressor emits 79 decibels of sound. For a jobsite, this will be very quiet. Most people explain how the unit “purrs” when it is in action.

Dimensions and Weight

A person may read this review to get an idea of the machine’s size.

Length: 19 inches
Width: 18 3/4 inches
Height: 18 inches

Weight: Weight is important to mention here. This air compressor is meant to be portable. It weighs approximately 80 pounds. Even though it is not the lightest machine on the market, it is made with solid steel construction. It can still be easily carried around by the convenient handle.

Additional Features

It is vital to discuss features of this air compressor in this review. This unit performs very well because of the cast iron cylinder with great bore and stroke. It runs cooler and at a lower RPM than similar products, so the motor and pump will last a long time. Since it has con AMP draw, it lowers the likelihood of tripping breakers. It also has an oil drain and sight glass located in an easy access spot. This makes maintenance a breeze.


Many people will read Makita Mac2400 reviews to uncover what accessories come with the unit. This machine comes with oil an a 1/4 inch universal quick coupler. It may be wise to invest in a cover for the machine to keep it safe and a wheel kit to make it even easier to carry around.


Makita Mac2400 reviews must list all of the positive aspects involved with this machine. To start, the design is very versatile. It allows a person to run a variety of appliances. It works quietly, produces high output, and does not require much maintenance. The cycle times are very short and there are no leaks present. This means that the air pressure will last a long time. The air filter is a smart feature, especially when the unit will be used in a construction zone where dust and dirt are abundant. The final feature to discuss in this review is the weight. It is solid, but the overall design is quite compact.


Even though many people had great things to say about this machine in other reviews, it is important to discuss some of the negatives. Overall, most people were very pleased with the performance of the machine, but were disappointed that it weighs so much. It is important to remember that the unit is made of solid steel. This is important to mention in here. Instead of other units that are made from plastic, this unit is built to last, even if it adds a few pounds onto the machine.

Makita Mac2400 Reviews

Consumer Ratings

It may be important to discuss how well this air compressor ranked among customers in Makita Mac2400 reviews. This unit received 4 1/2 out of 5 stars, based on 296 consumer reviews. A large majority of the votes were five stars. This explains how well the unit works.


The final part of this reviews must discuss a recommendation for future customers. This particular air compressor is made for tough construction jobs. It has a twin tank that delivers quiet results. It also has a special air filter that adds durability. It come with a lever handled ball valve drain system, which removes condensation from the tank.

Like any Makita product, it is built to last. It may be on the high end of the price spectrum, but it is made for industrial use. All of the features and top quality craftsmanship, make it a worthwhile piece of equipment. Anyone who reads this reviews should be encouraged to buy this unit.

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